Principals Center
Georgia State University

PO Box 3977
Atlanta, GA 30302-3977
Phone: 404-413-8256


9/8/2014 Institute for Aspiring Leaders-Atlanta
9/9/2014 Seminar for Assistant Principals-Atlanta
9/11/2014 Beginning Principals Academy - Atlanta
9/12/2014 Instructional Coaches Collaborative-Atlanta
9/18/2014 Beginning Principals Academy - Macon
9/19/2014 Institute for Aspiring Leaders- Macon
9/30/2014 Expert Leaders: Baruti Kafele, Educating Black Male Students
10/9/2014 Tool Box: Early Language & Literacy
10/17/2014 COPIS Annual Meeting
10/22/2014 Expert Leaders: Kim Marshall, Teacher Supervision & Evaluation
10/30/2014 Georgia Milestones Assessment: Preparing for the Mathematics Portion (Grades 3-10)
12/4/2014 Expert Leaders: Daniel R. Venables, "How to Turn Data Into Action"
2/5/2015 Expert Leaders: Donna Y. Ford "Closing the Achievement Gap: Minority Students in Special Education"
3/17/2015 Expert Leaders: Joe Murphy "Creating Productive Culture in Schools"

Early-Bird Discount Policy

  • Provides an incentive for people to register early
  • Is available to all registrants
  • Gives the Center information on the viability of the workshop (in the current market of professional development needs and resources)

NOTE: The Early-bird deadlines are usually two weeks ahead of the event but in some cases, when a longer window is required for planning, the deadline may be earlier.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Full tuition refund : Center gets written request by close of business, one week before event
  • Partial refund : Because of guarantees to the site, Center receives written request by noon, three days prior to event
  • No refund : for any cancellations made after the above deadlines
  • Payment : Invoices will be sent for any full or partial amount owed per above.
Substitutions for registered participants may be made at any time, at no cost.